The SpotOnTM Sprayer Calibrator, a Digital Flow Meter: Accuracy Evaluation and Use in Pesticide Safety Education Programs

Robert E. Wolf, Patricia A. Hipkins, Scott M. Bretthauer, Robert D. Grisso, H. Mark Hanna, Randal K. Taylor, James A. Wilson


Six independent tests were conducted to evaluate the accuracy of the SpotOnTM Sprayer Calibrator, a digital flow meter produced by Innoquest. The results are presented in this article. The authors also discuss the pros and cons of using this device to measure flow rate and explain how it may be used in educational programs.

Tests confirmed that the SpotOn™ Sprayer Calibrator measures nozzle flow rate accurately, quickly, and easily. Pesticide safety educators can use this device to demonstrate the factors involved in nozzle flow rate, identify worn nozzles, and calculate a system’s application rate.

Keywords: application rate, calibration, flow rate, flow meter, Innoquest, SpotOnTM

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