Employment and Salary Base Supported by Cooperative Extension’s Pesticide Safety Education Programs

Dean A. McCorkle, Don Renchie, Dan Hanselka, Carol Black


The objective of this study was to evaluate the number of certified commercial pesticide applicator jobs and wages that are supported by Cooperative Extension’s pesticide safety education programs (PSEPs) in California, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, and Texas. The purpose of the analysis was to provide a methodology for PSEPs to use in describing the employment and wage contributions realized from their resource development, distribution, and training efforts for pesticide applicator certification. The economic analysis focused on certified commercial applicators, as defined by federal regulation. The findings from this study of seven states show that the PSEPs directly contributed to 120,543 pesticide applicator jobs with a total salary base of $3.9 billion.

Keywords: pesticide safety education programs, commercial pesticide applicator, economic analysis, employment, wages


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