A Survey of Chemical Resistant Glove Use Practices and Preferences of Pesticide Applicators

Carol Black, Anugrah Shaw, Courtney Harned, Charlotte Coffman


During pesticide recertification training meetings in 2012 and 2013 in Washington, Michigan, Iowa, and New York, audience response systems (clickers) were used to gather pesticide applicators’ input on their use of and preferences for chemical resistant gloves. Nitrile, reusable or disposable, was the most commonly selected glove material. Thirty-one percent of applicators selected a disposable glove variety when identifying the glove material they wear most (nitrile disposable, 28%; neoprene disposable, 3%). Many applicators indicated that they wear the same glove for multiple products (73%) or tasks (66%). Only 27% of respondents identified following label requirements as the primary reason for choosing gloves. The data indicate that outreach resources need to be developed for applicators and those who sell gloves to applicators.

Keywords: chemical resistant gloves, nitrile, pesticide applicators, label requirements

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