Analysis of Personal Protective Equipment Requirements on Labels of Pesticides for Agricultural Use

Anugrah Shaw, Courtney Harned


Personal protective equipment (PPE) is one way to protect the health and safety of pesticide handlers. EPA’s Worker Protection Standard mandates that PPE requirements for handlers be stated on labels of pesticide products intended for agricultural use. The requirements, based on potential risk, range from no requirements for certain categories to more stringent requirements that affect comfort and job performance. As labels are the primary means of communicating PPE requirements, the study was conducted to analyze label data to address stakeholders’ concerns regarding PPE use, protection, availability, and comfort. Additionally, label language was examined for accuracy, consistency, and clarity.  A performance-based approach to assign PPE based on risk assessment, as opposed to garment type, is proposed to simplify pesticide product labeling.

Keywords: personal protective equipment, risk assessment, pesticide label requirements, chemical-resistant garments, performance-based standards

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