A Review of the Spray Drift Literature for Ground Applications

Robert E. Wolf


This article is a summary review of the scientific, trade, and Extension literature of recent research and other documents discussing practices designed to minimize spray (particle) drift. The search included nearly 300 reviewable documents from 2005 to 2011 that met certain criteria. After eliminating duplicates, this summary comprised 82 referenced items from multiple sources. The review was organized into the following categories: air-blast sprayers, nozzles, buffers, the environment, simulation models, adjuvants, and miscellaneous (ex. reports and Extension publications). Aerial application was not included. Each item reviewed was summarized to provide a brief overview of the project or document and to report any conclusions that may help reduce spray drift. From these summary statements, the author has prepared a separate paper (see following article) discussing recommended drift-reduction practices.

Keywords: spray drift, best management practices, application, spray nozzles, air-blast sprayers, spray shields, buffer zones, windbreaks, drift-control agents, computer models


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