Drift-Reducing Strategies and Practices for Ground Applications

Robert E. Wolf


This publication is a companion to “A Review of the Spray Drift Literature for Ground Applications” (see preceding article). It comprises a list of strategies and practices that have been shown to reduce spray drift. The goal of this publication is to provide an inventory of best management practices to advise applicators on how to mitigate spray drift. The list was developed from a review of spray drift literature for ground applications spanning the years 2005 to 2011 as reported in this journal. Each strategy or practice listed is taken from a reviewed publication and is supported by research data. Ninety-seven items are listed and categorized into the following sections: air-blast sprayers, nozzles, buffers, the environment, simulation models, adjuvants, and miscellaneous (ex. reports and Extension publications). Though the list is quite extensive, each practice is unique to a particular study. Thus, it is difficult to develop a general list of set practices applicable to all (or most) application scenarios.

Keywords: strategies, practices, pesticide, spray drift management, ground application


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