Use of Personal Protective Equipment and Laundry Practices By Nebraska Private Applicators and Launderers

Rose Marie Tondl, Larry Schulze


The purposes of this study were to determine Nebraska farmers’ knowledge of potential pesticide exposure, their use of personal protective equipment, related laundering procedures of pesticide-soiled clothing, perceived health risks from pesticides and to determine areas of emphasis in future Extension pesticide education programs. Part I data provided information about private applicators’ practices, their experiences in using pesticides, use of personal protective equipment and any signs and symptoms associated with the use of pesticides. Part II data provided information on practices used in laundering pesticide-soiled clothing. Educational efforts need to be aimed at certified pesticide applicators and launderers to insure reduced pesticide exposure and potential health risks. Emphasis needs to be made on wearing required personal protective equipment and to properly handle and clean pesticide-soiled clothing.

Keywords: farmers, Nebraska, pesticide, PPE, protective equipment, clothing, laundering

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