Educational Needs Assessment for IPM in Multi-Family and Community Dwellings

Carol A. Ramsay, Rebecca L. Hines, Daniel A. Suomi, Sandra K. McDonald


A western region workgroup was formed to conduct a needs assessment for IPM and pesticide safety education in Multi-Family/Community Dwellings; the focus was on nuisance, health and structural pests. Representatives from university extension and research programs, state regulatory agencies, pest management professionals, and owners/managers of Multi-Family/Community Dwellings participated. Three target audiences were identified for educational programming in IPM and pesticide safety: landlord/property managers, residents/tenants, and pest management professionals. To support future efforts in this segment of urban IPM, specific educational needs were identified, a listing of reasonable education opportunities was compiled for each audience and several funding sources were identified.

Keywords: urban, IPM, assessment, pesticide, safety, educational, needs, family, community, dwellings

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