Changes with the Assistant Editor

Dr. Catherine Daniels - THANK YOU!
In June, Dr. Catherine Daniels stepped down as our long standing and highly dedicated JSPE Assistant Editor. Catherine has been there since the inception of JPSE in 1999. She has been a consistent and highly reliable mainstay of this journal. Her contributions over the last 14 years have made the journal the success it is today!

The role of the assistant editor includes working with the editorial team and reviewers to establish and maintain JPSE policy and function. The assistant editor is responsible for copyediting articles after they come out of the blind peer review process. Once authors make final changes and those changes are approved by the associate editor, their articles are sent in their rough form to the assistant editor for final grammatical review. The assistant editor then sends this unformatted, copyedited manuscript to the editor for layout, formatting, galley copyediting, and publication.

Catherine stuck with us through JPSE’s rough years and as things changed in her life she made the sound decision that 14 years was enough and she needed more time to accommodate the many other demands of her life and career. I think 14 years is remarkable! I would like to congratulate her and thank her for those many years of dedication and hard work on behalf of AAPSE and the journal.

What Catherine has done for AAPSE sets an example for all members that you can make a difference if you take the time to contribute. You will be greatly appreciated by your peers if you do. We as an organization can’t exist without everyone contributing is some way. Thanks to the dedication of members like Catherine we have enjoyed much success. But we need every member’s help to continue this trend.

On behalf of the American Association of Pesticide Safety Educators and our journal staff, Catherine, we are forever grateful for your very important contributions represented in this body of work we call JPSE and in the many other contributions you have given us over the years. We wish you well and a big thank you!

Ms. Susan Terwilliger – WELCOME!
Ms. Susan Terwilliger has taken the position of JPSE Assistant Editor effective, July 1, 2012.

Susan has served as Editor and Publications Manager with Virginia Tech Pesticide Programs (VTPP) for over ten years. Prior to coming to Virginia Tech she worked as editor for the Texas A&M University Press and the TAMU Ocean Drilling Program. Susan works with VTPP managing and editing our Pesticide Applicator Training Manual series (23 books of over 7,500 pages of copy). She has also worked with all aspects of our pesticide safety education program over the years. She recently attended the exam workshop hosted by EPA/NASDARF in New Mexico to learn new information to apply to her work.

For years now Susan has assisted with checking JPSE galley proofs prior to posting those articles on the JPSE website. So it was only logical that I turned to Susan when we needed an assistant editor. After consulting with AAPSE President Andrew Thostenson and JPSE Associate Editor Barry Brennan I asked Susan to serve as our new assistant editor. She has graciously agreed to do so.

I am hoping that you will join me in thanking Catherine and Susan, and welcoming Susan as a new AAPSE member and as our new JPSE assistant editor.

M. J. Weaver, JPSE Editor-in-Chief

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