Publication of Volume 10 marks the tenth anniversary year of JPSE

JPSE was created through the efforts of an AAPSE (Ad-Hoc) Electronic Journal Committee. The committee first met on March 12, 1996 and over a year's time developed plans for establishing an electronic journal.  The following year, on March 11, 1997, they met formally again to establish the "AAPSE electronic journal."  Committee members included Barry Brennan, (Univ. Hawaii), Tom Dean (Univ. Florida), Patrick O'Connor-Marer (UC-Davis), and Mike Weaver (Virginia Tech).  Weaver chaired the committee.  Also present were Mary Grodner (LSU) and Terry Miiller (Oregon State Univ.).  In that meeting it was decided that the new journal would be named the "Journal of Pesticide Safety Education."  The journal would be the official scholarly journal of AAPSE.  The committee also decided to accept an offer by the Virginia Tech Scholarly Commuications Project to publish, archive, and electronically host the journal on their electronic journal website.  [Since then AAPSE has taken on the task of hosting the journal on its own website under the URL - ""] The format of the journal would be HTML and PDF.  There would be room for short notes, news, proceedings, and abstracts. The content would be primarily peer reviewed scholarly works associated with topics of pesticide safety education and other related subject matter.  Opportunity to publish would be open to all AAPSE members and those outside of AAPSE with interests within the scope of the journal.  Peer review and control of the Journal would be under an independent JPSE Editorial Board consisting of editors and reviewers who were members in good standing in AAPSE. The committee recommended that Mike Weaver serve as the editor for an indefinite period of time in order to serve the needs of the (journal) project.  It was also recommended that the link to Virginia Tech be maintained to serve the journal website.  Finally, the committee recommended that the editorial board represent each region served by AAPSE.  Charter members included: Carol Ramsay (Washington State Univ.), Patrick O'Connor-Marer (UC-Davis), Terry Miller (Oregon State Univ.), Roger Flashinski (Univ. Wisconsin), Joanne Kick-Raack (Ohio State Univ.), Larry Schultze (Univ. Nebraska), Tom Dean (Univ. Florida), Suzanne Deatherage (Texas A&M), Ples Spradley (Univ. Arkansas), Amy Brown (Univ. Maryland), Jim Dill (Univ. Maine), and Win Hock (Penn State Univ.).  Many of those original members have since served as AAPSE president and in various other important organizational roles.

The journal began accepting manuscripts for publication on July 1, 1997.  The first article published in JPSE was what is now categorized as a program description article by Monte Johnson and Elizabeth Easter of the University of Kentucky.  That article was entitled, "Personal Protective Equipment Displays for County Extension Service Programs."  It was published in the first volume dated 1999. Since then AAPSE members have published 27 articles in various categories through the latest 2008 volume.  The journal is open to all types of submissions as noted in the journal guidelines.  If members can't fit their ideas to the guidelines and their topic ideas fit the interest of AAPSE members and the stated scope of the journal, please contact the editor at "

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